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The beginning

Four guys from the Netherlands found each other on school and in their brotherhood. Martijn Bijwaard, the drummer, met the guitarplayer Stefan Perez at school. Lateron Jasper Jobse, bassguitarplayer, joined the schoolclass. Martijn already played the drums for many years, playing in a local fanfare. Stefan learned playing the guitar on his own. Jasper learned to play the bassguitar with Stefan so they could start a band. Martijn was quickly found and they started practising at the local studio Jottem. They all had the same interest in music: punk. Ofcourse they all had different background influences about music, like jazz, punkrock, hardcore and poppunk. Trying to write songs they discovered it was difficult to write songs and lyrics and they also wanted a leadsinger. The three made a song and played at their school. Because Martijn's parents couldn't come, his brother came to watch the show. He liked the style and after a few months they asked Stefen Bijwaard if he would like to sing in their band. From that moment the magic happend.

The First song

Martijn made up drum rhytms for a song. He played it for the band and they came along with the flow and started writing immediately. The song had no lyrics, name and singer. The song was finished for the instruments. Stefen had written lyrics for years to write his thoughts away. In the back of his mind it was clear, he wanted to play in a band. He brought along his best lyrics and joined the crew at the studio. The band played the song and the lyrics we had chosen. One lyric just fitted right in. Restrained was born! After that a few years passed by with dark times and lots of fun.


The year of 2006 was more serious. The started wirting better songs and developing better skills at their instruments. December the 29th was the day Fearless Skies saw the first light... spotlights of the stage. Comming in second with the contest they were not satisfied. The stage loured and their minds were full of new ideas and hope. Hope for stoked people and crowded concerthalls and new ideas for new songs and other stuff, like a website.

And now?

From this day on and forward they made a commitment to write better songs and rush the blood of the crowed like never before... Come to the shows and be prepared to live a different life afterwards........