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With light jazzy sounds, trippy guitar riffs and bittersweet vocals, ‘September Flower’ tells the story about two friends on a road trip who are maybe getting to know each other a bit too well. This psychedelic pop song is the first release of song-writing duo Jerney & Pieter Molenaar (Miller). It is also the title track for their debut album that is due out at the beginning of 2019.

The Netherlands based duo Jerney and Pieter (cousins) find their inspiration in films, documentaries, history and old tales. Together they write songs in a style that combines trip-hop with elements of folk, jazz, pop and the sound of the 60’s. With live instruments and modern digital techniques they create soundscapes for lyrics that set a scene, but leave room for the listener’s imagination. ‘September flower’ is a collection of filmic songs featuring Jerney’s light voice that adds clarity and contrast to Pieter’s melancholy arrangements.

The collaboration between the two musicians started a couple of years ago. Pieter had just finished recording an album with one of his other projects, but already had a few new ideas flying around his head that were really more favourable for a female voice. It was around then that he co-incidentally met Jerney for the first time. She was performing an open-air concert in a park as Pieter cycled past, saw some friends and stopped to listen. Whilst he thought about how suited this singer’s voice was to his ideas, Pieter discovered that they were actually related.

During their first session they worked on ‘Comfort zone’, one of Pieter’s ideas. They found that there was a personal and musical ‘click’, and after the demo of that song went straight into the Dutch Indi XL charts they decided it was definitely worth working on more material. Soon new songs developed and the journey towards a full-length album began.

At the end of 2017 they started recording in Studio Americain (Amsterdam). In producer Thomas Olivier they found the ideal third party to help them capture the sound that they had in mind. Now, a year later, the last lyrics are being written, final vocals are being recorded and last changes on the arrangements are being made before the album can be mixed and mastered.

But, to give you a bit of a taste of the forthcoming album they are now releasing the title song ‘September Flower’. So if you like it, make sure you Mind the Mill(ers) beginning of 2019.



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